Hello Gorgeous Ltd


The Bit About Me

“WOW” Only took me 25 years, hard grafting and some career changes along the way but I did it... I  finally achieved my dream to  have my very own  Hair Salon.

My exciting journey started back in 2015 when I began searching for a suitable shop space,  this proved to be a lot harder than I had initially thought.  Not only were premises hard to find but they were incredibly expensive when I did.  

 Where could I go from here?  Give up?  not likely, I knew  that this was my time to follow my dream. So looking out of my kitchen window I suddenly thought,  why am I looking so far away from home? the answer is right here,   I have the perfect place  here in my own back garden. And, from that day, with no looking back and with a lot of planning, sheer hard work, time, determination, tears and splinters,  my lifelong dream became a reality. 

Thank you to everyone that made this happen, I really wouldn’t be here without your love and support